Process and lessons learned from the development of a reusable ecommerce platform.

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This is a story about my team’s hard work developing not a single ecommerce platform, but a reusable one for different owners, keeping the same codebase, look and feel, but being highly customizable. I will conclude with what we learned from it which I believe can be a useful learning resource for other software developers out there and to ourselves in future projects.

I will try to focus on the relevant parts as much as possible to make it easier to understand. …

In Software Development keeping up to date with technology updates is crucial not only for developers who have to be always learning and renewing their set of skills but also for the projects they work on and have to be maintained.

When you start a project from the ground you normally set it up with the libraries’ latest stable versions. Then time goes by, and the size of the project grows, new features are added, new libraries too, and the version of the libraries and packages usually remains the same and almost never gets updated. …

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The main purpose of this server-client Node.js project is to help other people understand how GraphQL exposes the data from the Server and the Client fetches it. I have tried to make it as simple as possible if you want to dive into the code of the project you can find it here.

Now, straight to the point: GraphQL is a query language for APIs developed and open-sourced by Facebook to speed up the request process.

While REST has been a popular way to expose data from a server, instead of having multiple endpoints that return fixed data structures, GraphQL…

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